"To have such a vast amount of people working collaboratively towards the same goal is amazing!"

Megan Reid

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As the largest public sector employer and indeed, the largest employer in Europe, with over 1.3 million staff and colleagues, the NHS has unique responsibilities.

It’s our job to bring together a diverse workforce that serves our equally diverse communities and shares the cultural values essential to providing the best services possible.

This job requires the best leaders; the GMTS aims to build a pipeline of future leaders who will join us to experience, train and study to lead future staff, projects and organisations.  Are you up for real challenges and real rewards?  

That's what we will be looking for when you apply for the September 2020 intake.

Applications for the September 2020 are now closed.

Meet the needs of everyone

The NHS was created out of the ideal that good healthcare should be available to all regardless of wealth. When it was launched by Minister of Health, Aneurin Bevan, on July 5 1948, it was based on three core principles:

Accountable to the public, communities and patients that it serves

Guiding the development of the NHS since 1948, these three principles have been added to over the years. Underpinned by the core NHS values, there are now seven key principles guiding the NHS in all it does:

Working together for patients

Patients, public and staff have helped develop our values that inspire passion in the NHS, and that should underpin everything it does. The NHS values provide common ground for co-operation to achieve shared aspirations, at all levels of the NHS.

Our leadership programmes have been designed with the safeguarding of all of these values in mind.

APPLICATION TIP: Try to understand our values before you apply for a GMTS Trainee placement.  Can you share our values?  We will be looking for this.