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Amy Richards
Posted by Amy Richards, 26 Jun 2019 2017 intake
When I decided to apply for the NHS Graduate Scheme I was sure there would be shifts involved as I knew the NHS was a 24/7 service. However, I was wrong! Most managers in the NHS; clinical and non-clinical, work the standard Monday to Friday 9-5, with the occasional on-call commitment. This is something that has both shocked and interested me throughout my graduate scheme journey and why I was full of enthusiasm when the opportunity arose to shadow a night shift. I work in a large acute hospi...
Rachel Coldbeck
Posted by Rachel Coldbeck, 22 May 2019 2017 intake
I am now approaching the very end of my NHS Graduate Scheme experience and in around 3 weeks will be starting my new role. I thought for this blog I may do a list of some of my favourite experiences in the scheme.  1. HSJ Patient Safety Congress I used my conference allowance to go to the HSJ Patient Safety Congress. There were a couple of reasons I chose this but mainly because it spanned both clinical and management forums. There were also some amazing speakers who talked about their very p...
Joanna Millward
Posted by Joanna Millward, 15 May 2019 2018 intake
One of the questions I’m often asked by applicants for the scheme is what an average day or week looks like on the scheme. It’s a bizarrely difficult question to answer as genuinely no day or week is the same - but in this blog I thought I’d give you an overview of what I’m up to this week to give you an idea.So on Monday I took the train to Leicester where I met the rest of my HR cohort for lunch. Sounds lovely yes? It was… but unfortunately we didn’t meet up just for lunch, we had an exam a...
Alexandra Close
Posted by Alexandra Close, 29 Apr 2019 2018 intake
The world of work is cruel. It forces you to acknowledge parts of yourself that you have been suppressing for your entire life. You think you have finely-tuned your personality until you are thrown into a situation that you are completely uncomfortable with. Your confident, self-assured persona is soon thrown out of the window and replaced with a shyness, uncertainty and insecurity. Do I belong here? Am I the right person for this job? Does everyone realise how out of my depth I am?   That is...
Joanna Millward
Posted by Joanna Millward, 29 Apr 2019 2018 intake
One of my biggest worries when joining the scheme back in September was how on earth I was going to balance a full-time job and 2 post-grads with my home life. As an extrovert - my friends and social life are very important to me and my wellbeing, plus I have a husband to spend time with too! However I’m very happy to report that despite the pressures of exams, essays, travel, and work; my social and home life hasn’t changed negatively at all. To make this better, my work life is also really...