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Annabel Copeland
Posted by Annabel Copeland, 15 May 2018 2017 intake
I know you have all been waiting with baited breath and checking this website everyday for another blog from me, I’m happy to make all your dreams come true. Congratulations to everybody who has been offered a place on the scheme, a huge achievement and a really exciting start to your career! I hope you are all off gallivanting and enjoying these 4 months before starting. It’s been 5 months since I last blogged and things are completely different for me – I want to give you all an honest refl...
Annabel Copeland
Posted by Annabel Copeland, 08 Dec 2017 2017 intake
It’s been a couple of months since my last Blog, and I know you’ve missed me, so I thought I’d write again. The last one was full of life and optimism, still fresh from the excitement of joining the scheme. This one is a bit more gritty and honest about what it is really like being a Finance Trainee in the NHS, now the bright and shininess has worn off. By now your applications will be in and you’ll be twiddling your thumbs waiting for that delightful email inviting you to an interview – I wi...
Annabel Copeland
Posted by Annabel Copeland, 24 Oct 2017 2017 intake
Hello everyone! If you are reading these blogs, it must mean you are considering joining the NHS grad scheme or you got lost browsing the web. I was you last year. I finished Uni in summer 2016 and suddenly realised I needed to sort my life out and find a career - something I think a lot of people struggle with when struck with post-student life. After a few wrong turns I discovered I had two criteria’s for a job: 1)            Gain financial qualifications 2)            Work for a non-profit...
Nicola Medici
Posted by Nicola Medici, 02 Feb 2017 2015 intake
Another quick round up of life since my last blog! My EGA assignments are complete and I’ve even received my PGCert Certificate in the post, another scheme qualification ticked off! I’ve passed all my CIPFA examinations to date and will start my next set of Lectures towards the end of this week. December was a very busy month for me with work, exams, ALS, Experiential Learning, a trip to the big apple, as well as all the usually festivities and parties that Christmas has to offer.  Our ALS’s...
Nicola Medici
Posted by Nicola Medici, 04 Nov 2016 2015 intake
It’s been a busy few months so this is my first blog in a while. Since my last blog I’ve attended my second revision session, sat my exams and had my results, submitted 7 EGA assignments (3 for module 2 and 4 for module 3!) on top of attending my 3rd experiential event, and most importantly moved to my second placement. Outside of work I’ve had a fair few bank holidays to enjoy alongside a trip to Dublin, a weekend in Centre Parcs, a family weekend away, and V festival all in what feels like...