Where can I find further information about GMTS?

All the information about the GMTS scheme, can be found on this website and you can check our social media to read about the latest updates and conversations between candidates, trainees and the GMTS recruitment team:

Twitter: @nhsgradscheme

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NHSGraduateScheme/

Can I send questions about my application to you on social media, e.g. Twitter/Facebook?

No. Our GMTS Communications Team use Twitter and Facebook to provide information about the scheme to a wide GMTS audience.  Our social media is currently staffed during office hours only.

We’re unable to respond to questions about individual applications on social media and depending on your question you’ll be referred to a relevant email address.

Under no circumstances should you post any personal information on our social media accounts, e.g. home addresses, email and telephone numbers.

I applied for the 2019/20 GMTS intake I was unsuccessful. Can I apply again?

Yes, but we ask that candidates wait 12 months between applications.

Applications for the September 2020 intake are now closed.

Twitter: @nhsgradscheme

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NHSGraduateScheme/

Can I defer my entry to the GMTS scheme?

We now offer two intakes annually in March and September. If you’re offered a place on the scheme, you’ll be expected to start in the intake for which you applied, and we no longer offer a deferral to another intake as standard.

Deferrals are made on statutory grounds only.